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Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

Tatty Devine 15

My name is Holly and I am a Tatty Devine addict. It has been several weeks since my last purchase.

I was fully aware that over the last ten years or so I’d amassed a fairly large number of pieces thanks to gifts, my own indulgences, sample sales and a few friends in the right places but I hadn’t realised *quite* how much I had until I decided to take a quick snap of it all for the #TD15 celebration (I say quick snap but it took nearly two hours to set up once I’d retrieved all the pieces from the various jewellery boxes they all normally live in). When I tweeted the photo, comments included ‘wow and ‘holy shit’ and it was at this point that the full scale of my ‘problem’ (and it’s a lovely problem to have) began to dawn…

As part of my ‘TD Addict 12 Step Programme’ and as a big ‘happy birthday’ to all things Tatty, I thought I’d talk you through a few of my favourite pieces from my collection (I had thought about choosing 15 but no one needs to read that much of my witterings!).

Tatty Devine Name Necklace

Tatty Devine Name Necklaces

Like a lot of people, my first introduction to TD was via their bespoke Name Necklace service and it took me ages to decide on what font/ colour/ charm combo I wanted (the choices have expanded even more in recent years just to make it even more difficult!) before finally settling on ‘billboard’ in ‘bright pink’ with a lightning bolt charm in ‘matt gold’ on a sterling silver chain (an option they sadly no longer seem to offer). I remember counting down the days until the necklace was ready (as each necklace can take up to two weeks) and then impatiently waiting for the postman to deliver the pink and white envelope of joy. I loved my necklace so much that I also bought my sister one in the reverse colour way for her 18th birthday! Over the years I’ve acquired a few more name necklaces, including one blatantly copied from those worn by Girls Aloud in the video for ‘Biology’ as well as what to me, also counts as a ‘name’ necklace – the two small holly leaves from a Christmas collection a few years ago.

Tatty Devine Tiger

Tatty Devine Tiger Necklace

From the first piece of TD I ever owned, to the first piece of TD I bought in their iconic Brick Lane shop. As an occasional London visitor, I’d been to Brick Lane before to scour the vintage shops but I’d never quite managed to figure out where Tatty Devine’s original shop was located. On my next visit, armed with a map and a vague sense of direction, I finally stumbled across it and rewarded myself with not only an epic chat with the amazing girls who worked there (and who quite happily talked me through all the pieces they had in stock) but also with this amazing tiger necklace (and maybe a few other pieces) which I’d been eyeing up for a while. As statement necklaces go, it’s grrreat!

Tatty Devine AW12

Tatty Devine Paisley Necklace A/W12

For some reason, I’ve always preferred Tatty’s A/W offerings over their S/S ones (maybe I just tend to wear more jewellery in the winter months) and, whilst I loved their A/W11 collection, in my opinion their A/W12 collection is the strongest they’ve ever produced and marked the moment when the brand went from ‘cult and kitsch’ to ‘holy shit these pieces are take your breath away beautiful!’. Although at the statement necklace end of the collection some pieces pushed the £300+ mark, the sheer brilliance and intricacy of the paisley multi-necklaces showed that Perspex could be more than just cheap and cheerful and meant that Tatty Devine purchases could be justified as ‘investment pieces’… Whilst my budget sadly didn’t stretch to the mega jewelled paisley necklace, I did pick up the smaller multi-version as well as quite a few other bits from the collection (thank goodness for seasonal and sample sales!) which are amongst my most worn items.

Tatty Devine Charlotte Olympia

Tatty Devine for Charlotte Olympia Autumn 2011

One of the things that sets Tatty Devine aside from their competitors is the sheer number of people tripping over themselves to collaborate with them. In my collection I’ve got pieces from collaborations with Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, Eley Kishimoto and Jean Paul Gaultier and TD have also worked with Peaches, Robots In Disguise, Gilbert & George, Rob Ryan, Disney, Louise Gray and the London Transport Museum to name just a few! Of all their collaborations however, I think my favourite one has got to be the dagger necklace they produced for Charlotte Olympia’s A/W11 collection ‘To Die For’ which was based around Agatha Christie and the Golden Age of crime fiction (and was also the debut outing for the now iconic ‘kitty’ shoes). Aside from fashion, I’m a massive book geek and in particular crime fiction so anything that combines the two goes straight to the top of my ‘must have’ list, even more so if it also has the words ‘limited addition’ attached. As the necklace was included in the goodie bags for those attending the launch of the collection, I had to use the Dark Arts to get my hands on one but it was well worth the effort. I’m now on a quest to track down the mermaid necklace that was produced for CO’s S/S12 ‘Sirens’ collection…

Tatty Devine Bunting Necklace

Tatty Devine Bunting Necklace S/S11

One thing that Tatty Devine do well are statement necklaces but as I’m not the biggest of frames, some of their amazing creations are just a little *too* big for me to wear. Thankfully, as the above multi-strand bunting necklace is made up of smaller pieces, it hangs a long better on me than a lot of their other big necklaces I’ve tried on (although I do run the risk of getting it caught in the shredder when I wear it to work!). I initially spotted it during my first trip to their Brick Lane store but it was sadly out of my price range so I had to settle for the smaller version which has had a lot of wear over the years. Thankfully, the larger version finally came into my possession last year thanks yet again to the joys of ebay stalking so it’s no longer ‘the one that got away’.

Tatty Devine Charm Necklace

Tatty Devine Charm Necklaces

My final picks include one of the newest and one of the oldest pieces from my collection. I possibly spend far too much time browsing fashion blogs on the internet so when a couple of these a few years ago mentioned that a TD ‘Charm Club’ was going to be launching I got *very* excited! Sadly, said club never materialised (which is a shame as it would have been brilliant: club + jewellery = WIN) but a revised version of the bespoke charm service was launched just before Christmas at TD’s Birmingham and London Selfridges concessions (but annoyingly not at the Manchester one or online!) and so on my pre-birthday London trip last December I made sure I popped in. I went for the maximum number of charms allowed as I figured I could always swap the selection about and if I really want to mix things up a bit, I can always add in the little pair of sterling silver shoes which I’m pretty sure are the oldest piece in my collection and took a lot of tracking down.

I hope you’ve enjoyed have a closer look at some of my collection and much as I’d like to say my addiction is cured, I’ve currently got my eye on one or two pieces from the new collections including the Pink Poodle Necklace and the Cocktail Umbrella Necklace from their 15th birthday collection. Oh well…

Tatty Devine 15th birthday

Happy 15th Birthday Tatty Devine!

Scarlet Lady

Top - H&M, Skirt - Topshop, Shoes - Lotta From Stockholm, Bag - c/o Cut Make Trim, Necklace - Tatty Devine, Nail Polish in Coral - Barry M, Lipstick in Lady Danger - Barry M

Top – H&M, Skirt – Topshop, Shoes – Lotta From Stockholm, Bag – c/o Cut Make Trim, Necklace – Tatty Devine, Nail Polish in Coral – Barry M, Lipstick in Lady Danger – MAC

As classic colour combinations go, red, white and blue takes some beating. A good chunk of my wardrobe seems to consist of variations on a breton theme and I’m always on the hunt for the perfect stripe. I love nothing better than teaming these timeless tops with some dark denim and colour popping accessories to create simple, stylish looks which can be worn pretty much anywhere. The above outfit consists of an H&M top which has been a wardrobe staple for many years and is as close to perfect as any I’ve found on the high street (to the point where I repeatedly chastise myself for not buying in bulk!) and a Topshop denim skirt that I bought at the end of last year which looks equally good with tights as with bare legs and has also been worn to death (and it has pockets which I LOVE!).

Cut Make Trim barrel bag

Bag – c/o Cut Make Trim

In my head this look is ‘classic with a twist’ so I’ve tried to keep the colour palette fairly restricted so that the hints of red really ‘pop’. My beautiful barrel bag gifted to me by Cut Make Trim (which I’ve raved about before here. Still haven’t learnt to not overload it though…) is perfect for this outfit as its timeless shape and colour compliment the neutral base pieces of the outfit.

Lotta from Stockholm clogs

Shoes – Lotta From Stockholm

My red Lotta From Stockholm clogs are another piece I’ve previously blogged about and I love the pop of colour they bring to the outfit and the leather ‘buckle’ detail on the toes echo the shapes found in the barrel bag.

Tatty Devine necklace

Necklace – Tatty Devine

If there’s one word that I can’t stand when it comes to fashion it’s ‘kooky’ and even just typing it makes me shudder and want to vomit in my mouth a bit. I’m all for having fun with fashion and injecting personality but for me, ‘kooky’ conjures up reductive connotations (see also ‘adorkable’ and ‘anything recommended by Zooey Deschanel’) that only serves to belittle and infantilize those it is applied to. Thankfully, Tatty Devine’s creations although whimsical, never manage to cross into this territory. Their ‘Dog On Wheels’ necklace whilst cute, is simple enough to be extremely wearable without crossing the line into the dreaded ‘K’ word (and dachshunds are definitely in this season if Orla Kiely AW14 is anything to go by…).

Nail Polish in Coral - Barry M, Lipstick in Lady Danger - MAC

Nail Polish in Coral – Barry M, Lipstick in Lady Danger – MAC

Finally I’ve added slick of MAC’s ‘Lady Danger’ lipstick (could there be a better colour for making you looked a bit more with it when you really can’t be bothered?) and a couple of coats of Barry M’s ‘Coral’ nail polish to pull the whole outfit together.

As a bit of a reader treat (it’s Bank Holiday weekend, what else is there to do but a bit of internet shopping?!), the lovely people at Cut Make Trim have offered a 15% discount on their beautiful bags to the first 50 readers who enter ‘highheelsandrecorddeals’ in the voucher code section of the shopping basket on their website (oh and they do free delivery too!).

Styling a Summer Dress for Spring!

As a dresses girl, my main issue with the spring months of the year is that whilst the weather’s no longer arctic enough to warrant woolly tights, it’s still far too many degrees below ‘acceptable to have bare legs’ temperature (someone please explain to me how all these bloggers and fashion week attendees don’t get hypothermia when posing tightless in February?!?). The return of the sunny weather though makes me want to bring out my summery dresses but my version of transitional dressing (which is basically thinner dress + black opaques) doesn’t work with all my summer items (brogue boots, tights and a spaghetti strap dress is not a ‘look’ anyone should be working, not even in a 90s revival way) so it’s important to pick items that will work.

Dress - Oasis, Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company, Boots - Bertie, Necklace - Tatty Devine, Nail Polish - Essie Parka Perfect

Dress – Oasis, Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company, Boots – Bertie, Necklace – Tatty Devine, Nail Polish – Essie Parka Perfect

One of my staple items last summer was this white cotton dress from Oasis. Whilst it looks great with ballet flats or strappy red sandals in the summer, I think it works equally well styled with black opaques, brogue boots and a statement necklace from Tatty Devine’s AW13 collection. For a bright pop of colour I’ve add yet another bag from my Cambridge Satchel collection (it was on sale so I feel I’m allowed!) which also matches the tones in the necklace. My trusty brogue boots that I bought several years ago finally fell apart last week but thankfully (as the end of February is not the time to be trying to shop for winter boots!) I managed to find a near identical pair in the Bertie sale. The Essie nail varnish in ‘Parka Perfect’ which I’ve raved about previously brings a nod of winter coolness to contrast with the orange and reds.

Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company, Necklace - Tatty Devine

Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company, Necklace – Tatty Devine

Teamed with a fur coat and a scarf to keep out the chill, this is a perfect outfit to bring a bit of summer cheerfulness to those cold but sunny spring days!

Seeing Out The Summer With Suzy Bishop

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a thing for the styling of Wez Anderson films and Moonrise Kingdom in particular. As the start of this week clung on to the last vestige of summer, I decided to channel my inner Suzy Bishop (minus binoculars) with this ensemble.

Dress - Topshop, Shoes - Dune, Necklace - Tatty Devine, Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company, Nail Polish - Barry M

Dress – Topshop, Shoes – Dune, Necklace – Tatty Devine, Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company, Nail Polish – Barry M

My dress is from Topshop and my shoes are from Dune. I bought both at the start of spring so they’re no longer available in store although Dune do have the same style of brogues in updated colour ways for A/W13 here which I’m quite tempted by for the party season. I liked the Topshop dress so much that I also bought it in a couple of other colours (if it ain’t broke… etc) and have spent a good chunk of the summer in them. My bag, which has featured on this blog before, is from The Cambridge Satchel Company and has pretty much been worn to death over the last few months! My necklace is from Tatty Devine and I love the trompe l’oeil effect of the digitally printed perspex jewels!

Barry M nails, Dune shoes and Tatty Devine jewels!

Barry M nails, Dune shoes and Tatty Devine jewels!

When it came to my nails I wanted to echo the jewel tones of the necklace so I loaded up my nail tips with a few coats of Barry M glitter polishes in Aqua, Yellow Topaz and Rose Quartz and then added a top coat. Pretty pleased with the result!

Glittery nails! Barry M Glitter Polishes in Aqua, Yellow Topaz and Rose Quartz

Glittery nails! Barry M Glitter Polishes in Aqua, Yellow Topaz and Rose Quartz

Now, whether or not I should be using a 12 year old fictional character as a style icon when I’m nearly 30 is a whole other debate but seeing as Orla Kiely also seems to be firmly on the Suzy Bishop bandwagon if her S/S14 collection is anything to go by, I don’t think I’m quite willing to give her up just yet…

Friday Feathers!

Two of my favourite words in fashion have to be ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Tatty Devine’ so imagine my squeals of excitement when I spotted not one, not two but THREE new beauties for sale via ASOS!

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Large Parakeet Necklace - £150

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Large Parakeet Necklace – £150

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Parakeet Necklace - £60

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Parakeet Necklace – £60

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Large Pegasus Necklace - £50

Tatty Devine Exclusive To ASOS Large Pegasus Necklace – £50

Each piece is a new twist on a Tatty Devine classic and although I already own a white Parakeet necklace from their Spring /Summer 2012 collection, I’m very tempted by the multi-coloured Large Parakeet as I think it’d look amazing for summer worn against this white lace dress from Warehouse which is currently in the sale (added bonus!).

Lace And Leopard Print

As the temperature’s risen into double figures, I’ve taken the plunge and declared ‘no more tights’ (although watch me run back into opaques as soon as Manchester’s normal grey weather returns)! Today’s dip into my spring/ summer wardrobe is a contrast (some might say clash) of colours, patterns and textures:

WIWT 2105

The skirt is from Primark which I bought last year, the t-shirt and cardigan are from H&M and I bought the shoes in the last Kurt Geiger sale.

Necklace - Tatty Devine, Shoes - Kurt Geiger, Nails - Barry M

Necklace – Tatty Devine, Shoes – Kurt Geiger, Nails – Barry M

I’ve accessorised with my lavender satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company, a Tatty Devine name necklace in mirrored gold perspex and my nails are painted with two coats of Barry M nail varnish in Coral which is the perfect shade for sunny weather!

Spring Pastels With A Hint Of Gatsby…

Spring has finally sprung in Manchester so to celebrate temperatures being in double figures and the return of that ball of fire in the sky which I believe southerners refer to as ‘the Sun’, I thought I’d break out the pastels…

Get Out Of The Office And Into The Springtime...

Get Out Of The Office And Into The Springtime…

The majority of my wardrobe seems to consist of 60s-style shift dresses and I picked up this amazing turquoise linen one in the Topshop sale a few years ago for a bargainous £15. Although I mainly wear it in the summer, it’s perfect for slightly cooler days and nights out when teamed with black opaque tights.

Necklace - Tatty Devine, Bag - The Cambridge Satchel Company, Shoes - Dune

Necklace – Tatty Devine, Bag – The Cambridge Satchel Company, Shoes – Dune

It also works brilliantly as a base for showing off accessories such as this amazing Blossom Branch Necklace from Tatty Devine’s current Spring/ Summer collection. The Lavender satchel is from The Cambridge Satchel Company’s new Chelsea Collection which I treated myself to when they were offering free delivery and embossing in March (they’re currently offering free delivery for the whole of May!). The brogues are current season Dune and are perfect for channelling the ‘Gatsby’ vibe.