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These Boots Are Made For Walking…

Saint Laurent AW14

…or not as the blisters on my heels will attest to.

I think in terms amazing/ amazingly daft things I’ve bought in the sales these complete and utter beauties have to be up there with the best of them. Since Hedi Slimane took over at YSL, or Saint Laurent Paris as it’s now known, I’ve been a massive, massive fan of the collections he’s produced. Possibly the underlying reason for this is his ability to create luxe versions of the contents of my late teenage/ early twenties wardrobe (which, let’s be honest, is still pretty much the main bulk of my current wardrobe) and, if I had the money, my wardrobe would consist entirely of Saint Laurent ‘upgraded’ versions of my previous loves. Sadly for me, my budget (or common sense) simply won’t stretch to shelling out nearly £1000 for a pair of boots or the best part of the deposit for a house on a dress, however OMGFHAVEYOUSEENHOWAWSOMETHISIS! they happen to be.

As a result of my fantasy lifestyle being faaaaaaaaaaar outweighed by the financial reality of the one I do lead (Oh hello electricity bill! And water bill! AND rent!), I’ve had to become adept at sale stalking and making sacrifices to the Fashion Gods in the hope that the planets may align to send me some wonderous bargain. Which brings me to the boots. Oh the boots. Look at their shiny, glittery wonderfulness.

*takes a moment to simply stare at the boots*

Saint Laurent boots

So, the boots. They’re pretty much identical to a pair I saw in Office about 5 years ago which I’m still kicking myself I never bought. My reluctance at the time was whether I could pull off a pair of 60s patent knee high boots without looking like I’d just stepped out of Austin Powers. I’m still not *entirely* convinced I can but it’s an awful lot easier to find the confidence to dip your toe into the water when something you’ve toyed with suddenly becomes the height of fashion (see also dressing like my mum in the 70s). Most of the footwear in Saint Laurent’s AW14 collection made it onto my lust list but out of all the styles (still holding out for the glitter Mary Janes btw if anyone wants to hook a gal up), the patent knee high ‘Babies’ seemed the most wearable. Sadly with a £900ish price tag, to justify a cost per wear it would have meant wearing them until the day I retired and so the sales stalking began.

Sales stalking mainly consists of me perusing various fashion retail websites sighing longingly at the sale items that, although 50% reduced, still cost more than my entire share of the rent for that month and silently cursing when something sells out in my size. On very rare occasions when I’ve been quick off the mark after final reductions have been announced I’ve managed to bag one or two lust items but in general, and especially with Saint Laurent, my size has sold out quicker than the winner of The Voice’s career. In Manchester however, there’s the added advantage of having branches of both Selfridges and Harvey Nics in the city centre and it was during a Selfridges lunchtime browse that I stumbled across THE BOOTS. AT 75% OFF. IN MY SIZE. Reader, I bought them.

I’ve still not worn them as much as I’d like as they still need breaking in and, as I feared, it’s tricky trying to find an outfit to go with them which doesn’t scream 60s fancy dress but, styling issues and blisters aside, I’m completely in love with them. Whilst £199 is a lot to spend on a pair of leather boots, it’s still probably cheaper than buying a full price, well made pair from a decent high street retailer. And they probably wouldn’t have glitter heels.

Saint Laurent Babies

Pencil, Pastels & Peg!

Skirt - Topshop, Jumper - Topshop, Brogues - Dune, Necklace - Katie Mullally, Nail Polish - Parka Perfect by Essie

Skirt – Topshop, Jumper – Topshop, Brogues – Dune, Necklace – Katie Mullally, Nail Polish – Parka Perfect by Essie

I’m not sure if it’s a rebellion against the dullness of January but I can’t seem to get enough of pastels at the moment (I’m also partly blaming Miu Miu’s S/S 14 campaign…). I picked up this turquoise (or ‘petrol’ as the website called it) leather pencil skirt and fluffy knit jumper from Topshop back in October and have been wearing them to death ever since! I always find Topshop very inconsistent when it comes to sizing, which is a shame as they had some really brilliant pieces for A/W 13, so I almost never tried on the skirt as I assumed, like previous Topshop pencil skirts I’d tried, that it would fit very oddly. Reader, it fitted like a glove (or at least a glove that gives you enough movement to walk and sit down in) and I’ve since bought an identical one in black.

Brogues - Dune, Necklace - Katie Mullally, Nail Polish - Parka Perfect by Essie

Brogues – Dune, Necklace – Katie Mullally, Nail Polish – Parka Perfect by Essie

I’ve teamed the skirt and jumper with my trusty Dune brogues, Essie nail polish in Parka Perfect and my Katie Mullally peg necklace. I love this necklace as it’s so unusual and it always picks up compliments whenever I wear it! I’m busy debating whether to invest in some New Balance trainers at the moment (another fashion ‘trend’ I was rockin’ at least 10 years ago along with dip dyed/ pink hair) and I think this pair from ASOS would go perfectly.

A Whole Lotta Love!

Soooooooooooo, long time no blog post but I feel I can justify my laziness because the weather’s been so glorious that I’ve wanted to do nothing but spend any spare time I’ve had in the park/ sat on my balcony/ in a beer garden. The chance to wear the majority of my summer wardrobe, in the summer, without 50 denier tights doesn’t happen all that often so I thought I should embrace it to the full! The hot weather does bring certain challenges though and try as I might, as soon as the sun comes out my seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect summer sandal begins again in earnest.

Everything but the kitchen sink and the perfect summer strappies!

My summer shoes – everything but the kitchen sink and the perfect summer strappies!

You’d think that when a girl has a shoe collection as extensive as I have then at least one of those pairs must be perfect for summer wear but alas no! Although I’m the proud owner of several pairs of strappy heels, they’re not too practical for the early morning dash to work and quite frankly, unless I’ve had a couple of drinks, my ability to walk in heels can occasionally be described at best as ‘clumsy’. This combined with an awful lot of cobbles between my flat and office mean that sadly heeled sandals just aren’t a practical option but whilst I love my ballet flats and brogues (in fact summer 2012 was such a washout that my shoe purchase of choice for the season were these less than summery Russell and Bromley brogues!), they’re just way too warm for my toes when the temperature starts pushing 30C.

Now I don’t think I’m *that* fussy when it comes to buying sandals but my previous attempts to find the perfect strappy flat have fallen a bit erm, flat. This summer however whilst on a random Google hunt, I stumbled across the brilliant Lotta From Stockholm and my perfect pair of summer sandals!

Lotta From Stockholm Red Leather Peep Toe Clogs - £57.50

Lotta From Stockholm Red Leather Peep Toe Clogs – £57.50

As a lover of all things Scandi (hellooooooo Pelle Almqvist!) I’d been vaguely toying with the idea of getting a pair of clogs for a while but the only ones that seemed to be on the market were way out of my price range and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure how comfortable wearing what is essentially a block of wood with some leather straps would be. Thankfully, Lotta From Stockholm is the perfect place for clog virgins as not only do they have a massive range of brands, styles, heights and colours (plus a bargainous ‘seconds’ section) but a quick read of their website and Facebook pages clearly show that Lotta is run by a woman with a passion for her products.

Aside from the massive range of product choice, their customer service is excellent too. I originally ordered a pair of Highwood Red Open Clogs as I was a little concerned about anything with a more fancy front piece rubbing my toes but sadly when I tried them on they were a bit too big at the front. I e-mailed Lotta to explain the problem and ask if I could swap them for the size down. No problem! Clogs swapped but alas the new ones were too small! With a slight fear of sounding like a shoe obsessed Goldilocks I e-mailed Lotta again to commiserate about the fact that my feet clearly were in a conspiracy to stop me owning amazing summer shoes but as befits a woman who knows her clogs she suggested that I should give it one more try and swapped the Highwood for a pair of Peep Toes. Reader, I married them! Not only do they fit beautifully and, aside from a little rubbing that you always get with new shoes, they’re ridiculously comfy! I finally have happy summer feet and as an added bonus, they’ll look perfect with tights when the Manchester weather returns to its normal cloudy and cooler self. My only problem now is what colour to buy next…

Happy summer feet at last!

Happy summer feet at last – thank you Lotta!

Bad Romance

Snow White The Evil Queen

Growing up, I was never really the Disney Princess type. Pink has its place but it was always the impossibly glamorous female villains who seemed to steal the show. Over the last few years Disney’s villains have had something of a resurgence, firstly with MAC’s 2010 Venomous Villains collection and more recently on screen in Oz The Great And Powerful and the forthcoming Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.

To add to this celebration of all things decidedly devilish, Israeli designer Kobi Levi has created a range of amazing shoes inspired by Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and The Evil Queen from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Kobi Levi Disney Villain Shoes

Kobi Levi Disney Villain Shoes

Kobi Levi Disney Villains Shoes

Kobi Levi Disney Villains Shoes

With the insole of each shoe featuring the hand painted face of a Disney villainess, Levi’s work blurs the line between fashion and art with each pair of hand crafted heels being so beautiful it almost seems a shame to wear them!

If you can’t *quite* afford a pair of Kobi Levi shoes but still want your own Evil Queen, Ursula or Maleficent, Disney have finally brought out a range of villains dolls so everyone can own a little piece of wickedness.

Lust In The Movies

Charlotte Olympia has *finally* launched her Pre-Fall 13 collection (although Pre-Fall when the weather is still Pre-Spring/ Summer does make me slightly depressed) which I’ve been obsessing over since I saw some preview pictures at the end of last year! Named ‘Hollywoodland’ (which is what the famous sign overlooking LA originally said) the collection takes inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood with shoes and accessories paying homage to iconic leading ladies and the deco style. The full collection hasn’t been released on the website yet but below is a taste of what to expect!

Pandora Pink Deco Clutch

Pandora Pink Deco Clutch

Mae West Heels

Mae West Heels

Starlet Flats - Love the Louise Brooks detailing!

Starlet Flats – Love the Louise Brooks detailing!

Walk Of Fame Clutch

Walk Of Fame Clutch

I’m normally a shoe obsessive and this is the first collection I’ve seen from any designer in a long time that’s got me lusting after the accessories more than the heels (maybe it’s a sign I have too many shoes and should buy more bags to balance things out?!)! The Walk Of Fame bag actually made me gasp as it’s so pretty and the debate now is whether I can justify spending two months rent on one item. I think sadly I shall have to be good and do a bit of online stalking until (hopefully) one of these amazing bags turns up in the sales! That said, seeing as I have a significant birthday coming up at the end of the year maybe I can use that as an excuse to treat myself…