Balancing Act

As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to skin care I’ve always been a bit reluctant to try out new brands and products for fear that I’d spent a fortune on something that would make my sensitive skin flare up and therefore languish at the back of my bathroom cupboard cruelly mocking me whenever I went to get a new bar of soap. That said, I’m also Northern and love a freebie so when the lovely people at Balance Me got in touch to ask if I’d like to try some of their products I wasn’t exactly going to say no!

Founded in 2005 by sisters Rebecca and Clare Hopkins with an emphasis on creating natural skincare products, Balance Me is now a multi-award winning enterprise which is stocked in over 400 outlets including Debenhams, Waitrose and John Lewis (another beauty bugbear of mine is always reading about amazing brands and then never being able to find anywhere that stocks them!). Balance Me’s website also stocks the full range of their products and I love that you can search by skin type as well as by product which ensures that those with tricky skin end up buying the best products for them.

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream

Rose Otto Hand Cream c/o Balance Me – £14.50/ 100ml

First up is their Rose Otto Hand Cream which won ‘Best Inexpensive Hand Cream’ (although on my budget I wouldn’t consider £14.50 ‘inexpensive’ but welcome to the world of fashion magazines…) at Instyle’s Best Beauty Buys 2014. I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to remembering to moisturise my hands even though my eczema means that they really, really need it so when I do remember, I need something extremely hydrating and nourishing to tide them over. Containing kukui nut and camellia oils combined with organic shea butter and smelling, shockingly, of rose, the cream has a smooth, rich formula which left my hands feeling extremely nourished and, more importantly, didn’t cause any reaction with my skin. It didn’t sink in as quickly as other brands I’ve tried (although perhaps I’m using too large an amount) but other than this, I can’t fault it!

Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25

Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 c/o Balance Me – £26/ 40ml

Next up is the Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 which is a new addition to the range for 2014. I always try to make sure that any creams, foundations or powders I use on my face have an SPF in them but very few I’ve found have an SPF as high as 25 which, combined with its anti-oxidant properties, makes this moisturiser a very attractive prospect. It can be used on its own, over your normal moisturiser or under foundation and I found that formula-wise, it absorbed very easily and didn’t feel heavy on my skin. Seeing as I decided to test this during one of the hottest weeks of the year, I’m more than impressed with how it performed and I didn’t have that ‘greasy’ feeling that you can get with normal sun cream when you’ve been out in the sweltering heat.

Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm

Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm c/o Balance Me – £10/ 40ml

Finally, I have the Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm. Being a bit rubbish when it comes to beauty, the only other balm I’d ever used was lip balm and although I’m no stranger to cleansers, I’d never used one quite like this before. Obviously, consistency-wise it’s a balm but the texture is slightly gritty due to the oatmeal it also contains. Of the three products I tried, this is definitely my favourite. It felt wonderful on my skin and the oatmeal helped to remove all the grime built up over the day (so nice to use when it’s been so hot outside!) whilst the shea and coco butter left my skin feeling incredibly soothed. Once again my sensitive skin had no reaction to it (other than being left looking A. Maze. Ing.) and a little goes an awfully long way so at £10 for 40ml, this is definitely something that won’t be languishing at the back of my bathroom cupboard!

Overall, I’m massively impressed with the Balance Me products that I’ve tried and, as I’ve previously mentioned, I love how their website guides you by skin type to ensure you buy the best combination for your skin. Each product page also has a ‘Savvy Shopper’ tab with tips on how to get the best use from products which as a bit of a beauty and skincare dunce, I found really useful.

If, like me, you’re a bit reluctant to splash out on new brands without knowing how they’re going to react with your skin then you’re in luck as this month’s Marie Claire comes with a choice of two Balance Me products (the Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm or the Moisture Rich Face Cream) as well as a 20% discount code for their products online. I’ve already stocked up on another face balm as it’s the perfect size to pack for my holiday to New York in October. Oh and the magazine’s only £2.50 this month so MASSIVE BARGAIN!


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