A Whole Lotta Love!

Soooooooooooo, long time no blog post but I feel I can justify my laziness because the weather’s been so glorious that I’ve wanted to do nothing but spend any spare time I’ve had in the park/ sat on my balcony/ in a beer garden. The chance to wear the majority of my summer wardrobe, in the summer, without 50 denier tights doesn’t happen all that often so I thought I should embrace it to the full! The hot weather does bring certain challenges though and try as I might, as soon as the sun comes out my seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect summer sandal begins again in earnest.

Everything but the kitchen sink and the perfect summer strappies!

My summer shoes – everything but the kitchen sink and the perfect summer strappies!

You’d think that when a girl has a shoe collection as extensive as I have then at least one of those pairs must be perfect for summer wear but alas no! Although I’m the proud owner of several pairs of strappy heels, they’re not too practical for the early morning dash to work and quite frankly, unless I’ve had a couple of drinks, my ability to walk in heels can occasionally be described at best as ‘clumsy’. This combined with an awful lot of cobbles between my flat and office mean that sadly heeled sandals just aren’t a practical option but whilst I love my ballet flats and brogues (in fact summer 2012 was such a washout that my shoe purchase of choice for the season were these less than summery Russell and Bromley brogues!), they’re just way too warm for my toes when the temperature starts pushing 30C.

Now I don’t think I’m *that* fussy when it comes to buying sandals but my previous attempts to find the perfect strappy flat have fallen a bit erm, flat. This summer however whilst on a random Google hunt, I stumbled across the brilliant Lotta From Stockholm and my perfect pair of summer sandals!

Lotta From Stockholm Red Leather Peep Toe Clogs - £57.50

Lotta From Stockholm Red Leather Peep Toe Clogs – £57.50

As a lover of all things Scandi (hellooooooo Pelle Almqvist!) I’d been vaguely toying with the idea of getting a pair of clogs for a while but the only ones that seemed to be on the market were way out of my price range and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure how comfortable wearing what is essentially a block of wood with some leather straps would be. Thankfully, Lotta From Stockholm is the perfect place for clog virgins as not only do they have a massive range of brands, styles, heights and colours (plus a bargainous ‘seconds’ section) but a quick read of their website and Facebook pages clearly show that Lotta is run by a woman with a passion for her products.

Aside from the massive range of product choice, their customer service is excellent too. I originally ordered a pair of Highwood Red Open Clogs as I was a little concerned about anything with a more fancy front piece rubbing my toes but sadly when I tried them on they were a bit too big at the front. I e-mailed Lotta to explain the problem and ask if I could swap them for the size down. No problem! Clogs swapped but alas the new ones were too small! With a slight fear of sounding like a shoe obsessed Goldilocks I e-mailed Lotta again to commiserate about the fact that my feet clearly were in a conspiracy to stop me owning amazing summer shoes but as befits a woman who knows her clogs she suggested that I should give it one more try and swapped the Highwood for a pair of Peep Toes. Reader, I married them! Not only do they fit beautifully and, aside from a little rubbing that you always get with new shoes, they’re ridiculously comfy! I finally have happy summer feet and as an added bonus, they’ll look perfect with tights when the Manchester weather returns to its normal cloudy and cooler self. My only problem now is what colour to buy next…

Happy summer feet at last!

Happy summer feet at last – thank you Lotta!


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