Knit Me Baby One More Time…

Now I know any mention of winter or indeed anything wool based when we’re in the middle of a heat wave (an actual heat wave rather than just a Manchester-defined one of ‘Oh it’s stopped raining long enough to walk 10 metres without an umbrella) might seem the product of a fevered brain suffering from sun stroke but the idea of writing about something associated with the cold in order to feel cooler does have some precedent. It also means however that any of you reading this who fancy getting a bit crafty have enough time to practise your knit and purls before present season is upon us as one of my favourite brands, Knit And Destroy have launched a fabulous book of hand knitting patterns for their gorgeous products!

Knit And Destroy...Gets Handy! - £12.99

Knit And Destroy…Gets Handy! – £12.99

Knit And Destroy has been going since 2006 and is brainchild of the multi talented Kandy Diamond. All of the quirky products are designed and machine knitted by Kandy in her studio and come in beautiful 100% lambswool. I was lucky enough to be given a Friendly Foxxx Fur scarf as a Christmas present which I adore and it managed the tricky task of keeping me warm and stylish during the really cold start to 2013!

Knit And Destroy - Friendly Foxxx Fur - £40

Knit And Destroy – Friendly Foxxx Fur – £40

I love the detailing especially the two-tone tail, the Knit And Destroy tag and the fact that the fox mouth opens so you can thread the tail through and secure with the button nose!

Knit And Destroy - Friendly Foxxx Fur - £40

Knit And Destroy – Friendly Foxxx Fur – £40

Knit And Destroy…Gets Handy! not only has a hand knit pattern for the Friendly Foxx Fur but also 19 others (plus a bonus extra pattern if you buy direct from the website!) and has projects for all skill levels and links to online tutorials so if you’re a knitting novice, don’t be put off!


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