Review: Lush Lacquer – Clowning Around

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently added a couple of bottles from US indie brand Lush Lacquer to my ever expanding collection of polishes and I thought I’d share a swatch of one of the polishes, Clowning Around.

Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around

Lush Lacquer – Clowning Around

‘Clowning Around’ is an electro-rainbow colour mixture of different sized neon glitters in a clear base. I wanted the effect on the nail to be as noticeable as possible so I used three coats of Barry M’s ‘Matt White’ as a base.

Lush Lacquer 'Clowning Around' & Barry M 'Matt White'

Lush Lacquer ‘Clowning Around’ & Barry M ‘Matt White’

Once dry, I then added ‘Clowning Around’ over the top. The consistency of ‘Clowning Around’ is great but as with all glitters, if you want a decent build up then you have to be prepared to fish a bit for the bigger pieces of glitter and layer, layer, layer! I think I ended up using three coats of ‘Clowning Around’ but it does depend on how lucky you are with the glitter distribution and how densely packed you want it. I think I could probably have gotten away with two coats on some of my nails and to be honest, ‘Clowning Around’ is such an unusual and eye catching polish that even one coat over a pale shade would ‘pop’. I love the splattered effect it gives my nails and it rather reminds me of a ‘disco’ version of Illamasqua’s speckled polishes from earlier this year.

Lush Lacquer 'Clowning Around' over Barry M 'Matt White'

Lush Lacquer ‘Clowning Around’ over Barry M ‘Matt White’

Lush Lacquer have just launched the second half of their ‘Neon’ collection and I’ve already placed an order for some of the new colours. I love that they’re coming up with polishes which are so distinctive and I can’t wait to try out the new shades as well as seeing what ‘Clowning Around’ looks like layered over pastel colours for the summer!



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