A Rose By Any Other Name…

a-england Rose drop earrings - £66

a-england Rose drop earrings – £66

I’m a bit of a nail polish addict to the point where I probably own more Barry M than can be found on a Superdrug counter! I’ve also started investing in ‘indie’ nail polishes and this morning my latest purchase from Lush Lacquer arrived (which I’ll blog about later as they’re so pretty they deserve their own post). Most of the current indie makers are based in the US so it’s nice to find a UK company who are flying the flag for us Brit based polish addicts! a-england have so far released four collections inspired by various literary, historical and mythical figures (Nail polish and literature? Be still my inner lacquer lit geek!) but not content with just making amazing polishes, the supremely talented creator of the brand, Adina Bodana, has collaborated with jewellery designer KristinM London on a range of fine jewellery to accompany her polishes.

a-england Rose earrings - £47

a-england Rose earrings – £47

Consisting of earrings, necklaces and pins with prices ranging from £45 – £85, the hand crafted sterling silver ‘Roses’ collection comes in finishes of silver and plated 18ct gold or rose gold. The Pre-Raphaelite beauty of the delicate designs really compliment the aesthetics of a-england’s polishes and the ‘Rose with thorn necklace’ in rose gold is on my wish list as I love how the thorny stem adds an edge of toughness to the delicate flower.

a-England Rose with thorn necklace - £85

a-England Rose with thorn necklace – £85

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to these thorny beauties but you still want to channel some Pre-Raphaelite drama then a-england’s polishes are well worth checking out with Bridal Veil, Beauty Never Fails, And The Moonbeams… and Tess d’Urbervilles being my personal favourites.



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