Lust In The Movies

Charlotte Olympia has *finally* launched her Pre-Fall 13 collection (although Pre-Fall when the weather is still Pre-Spring/ Summer does make me slightly depressed) which I’ve been obsessing over since I saw some preview pictures at the end of last year! Named ‘Hollywoodland’ (which is what the famous sign overlooking LA originally said) the collection takes inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood with shoes and accessories paying homage to iconic leading ladies and the deco style. The full collection hasn’t been released on the website yet but below is a taste of what to expect!

Pandora Pink Deco Clutch

Pandora Pink Deco Clutch

Mae West Heels

Mae West Heels

Starlet Flats - Love the Louise Brooks detailing!

Starlet Flats – Love the Louise Brooks detailing!

Walk Of Fame Clutch

Walk Of Fame Clutch

I’m normally a shoe obsessive and this is the first collection I’ve seen from any designer in a long time that’s got me lusting after the accessories more than the heels (maybe it’s a sign I have too many shoes and should buy more bags to balance things out?!)! The Walk Of Fame bag actually made me gasp as it’s so pretty and the debate now is whether I can justify spending two months rent on one item. I think sadly I shall have to be good and do a bit of online stalking until (hopefully) one of these amazing bags turns up in the sales! That said, seeing as I have a significant birthday coming up at the end of the year maybe I can use that as an excuse to treat myself…


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